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Our success depends on you having a positive experience when you visit so we want to provide you with the options and flexibility to focus on topics that matter the most to you in learning about wealth creation.
That’s why our focus is on easy to understand and quick to view videos across the spectrum of wealth creation topics that are relevant and allows you to build your knowledge before you make some of the most important decisions of your life.
As you discover more topics and watch videos we give you the option to customize our site to your needs.  You can use our search bar to locate specific videos and if you would like to have more in-depth knowledge or seek advice, simply click on ‘Contact Sponsor’, and we’ll put you in touch with an expert who can help you.
All our videos are grouped under Channel topics that the WealthKnowHow team has thoroughly researched as being of most interest to the Australian consumer. The Channels allows our users focus on areas of most interest to you, quickly and easily.
You can find our Channel topics in the Menu Bar on the left hand side of the screen if you’re using a computer or on the Menu Bar icon at the top left of the screen if you’re using a mobile device.
We will be continually adding new videos to our Channels and creating new Channels on different wealth creation topics so you’ll have something new to view when you visit
Our Sub-Channels provide more specialised knowledge in a particular Channel topic if you would like to explore in greater detail and gain further knowledge.  We have Sub-Channels to also group videos differently, which allow you to easily locate videos that you’re interested in and enhance your experience while navigating our site.
Sometimes a particular video may appear in more than one Channel or Sub-Channel, this is because the video is relevant to other topics and may be listed more than once.
Simply click on the topic of most interest in the Menu Bar and we will take you where you need to go.
If you have a specific interest in a topic and want to expand your knowledge we have an option that allows you to subscribe to a particular Channel or Sub-Channel. That way you can bookmark a topic on WealthKnowHow that you can easily revisit and to keep pace as new videos are added.
Subscribing is another way to customise our site to your needs and requirements, it’s all about having a positive and rewarding experience when you visit
Once you’ve subscribed you’ll be able to see that particular Channel or Sub-Channel in the Menu Bar under Subscriptions
When you subscribe to a Channel or Sub-Channel we let you know when we add a new video and please keep in mind you can subscribe to as many channels you want, it’s completely up to you.
We will be continually adding new videos, Channels and Sub-channels as WealthKnowHow grows to accommodate your wealth creation knowledge needs.
It’s important to us that we understand your interests so we have a Request Topic option to give you an opportunity to ask for a specific topic that might not already be on our site.
If you click on Request Topic all you have to do is give us a short description of the topic you would like covered on and we will do our best to accommodate you.