Wealth Creation

Concise informative videos presented by experts in under 3 minutes. Wealth Creation is not the same for everyone. We are all individuals with different personalities and goals. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration such as understanding your appetite for risk, timeframe, priorities, and expectations are all critical to growing your wealth. Above all, you need to have a good plan that takes all these factors into consideration to get the best results.

Foreign Exchange
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Foreign exchange for travel

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If you’re one of the nine million Australians who travelled overseas last financial year, you’ll know that foreign exchange rates can play a big part in your holiday. Whenever you spend money overseas – be it in US$, euro, pound or yen – you’re running foreign exchange risk, because you’re converting A$ into those currencies. If the A$ falls against those currencies while you’re travelling, you're losing spending power. 

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Foreign Exchange – travel cards

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A travel card can be an easy and secure way to manage the costs of FX while travelling. They're the travellers cheques of the 21st century. They’re easy to use because you can load multiple currencies onto the card before you go: once loaded, the travel card can be used to pay for items at point of sale, online and where credit cards are accepted. 

Financial Advise
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Why get financial advice

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The right kind of financial advice can really make a big difference and research has shown that it does add value. The financial, retirement and government benefit system is so complex that you really do need good technical advice. Otherwise you could end up paying a lot more tax than you should have paid, and missed out on benefits that you should have received. 

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Finding the right adviser

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Choosing a financial planner is just like choosing any other professional service: you want to know, first of all, that the provider is competent, but also, that there is a personal suitability.

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How to prepare for your first meeting with an financial adviser

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Before you meet the adviser for the first time, do some preparation. The chances of getting good advice depend on the adviser getting a clear picture of your financial situation. Start by listing what you own – your home, savings, super, car, shares and other investments. Against that, set out what you owe – your debts, including mortgages, loans and outstanding credit card balances. Give the adviser a clear view of your income and expenses. What insurance you have, and for how much, is also very important; as is whether you have an up-to-date will. 

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Intro Video 2

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Introduction Video